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2024.06.17, godz. 21:06


14/06/24 07:39 NOVATURAS AB: Preliminary May results of Novaturas: a new service for customers, the full programme for next winter
13/06/24 10:30 NOVATURAS AB: Novaturas takes over its customers' bookings from Beta Travel and will implement their trips
07/06/24 16:43 NOVATURAS AB: Decisions of the Ordinary General Shareholders' Meeting of Novaturas AB
07:57 NOVATURAS AB: Concerning legal proceedings against UAB GetJet Airlines regarding a charter contract
04/06/24 15:29 NOVATURAS AB: Novaturas presents the full programme for next winter and a new destination
29/05/24 11:02 NOVATURAS AB: Novaturas starts cooperation with the Lithuanian start-up MoreMins and introduces new service to customers
23/05/24 16:01 NOVATURAS AB: Regarding convocation of the repeated ordinary general meeting of shareholders of Public limited liability company "Novaturas"
08:14 NOVATURAS AB: Novaturas presented 2024 first quarter results
22/05/24 09:03 NOVATURAS AB: Novaturas Group earned EUR 34.5 mln. in the first quarter
15/05/24 07:30 NOVATURAS AB: Preliminary April results of Novaturas: focus on workation and trips for groups, start of the summer season
10/05/24 15:46 NOVATURAS AB: Novaturas will introduce 2024 first quarter results (unaudited)
15:30 NOVATURAS AB: UPDATE: Regarding supplementing the agenda and draft decisions of the convened Public limited liability company "Novaturas" ordinary general meeting of shareholders on 23rd May 2024
03/05/24 12:16 NOVATURAS AB: CORRECTION: AB "Novaturas" investor calendar for the year 2024
02/05/24 09:47 NOVATURAS AB: Vaidrius Verikas becomes CFO of Novaturas Group
30/04/24 17:18 NOVATURAS AB: Novaturas announces audited results, priorities for this year include improving customer experience and transforming the organisation