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2023.03.25, godz. 20:32


15/03/23 13:32  brak uprawnień Novaturas spodziewa się w '23 osiągnąć 210-225 mln euro przychodów oraz 3-5 mln euro EBITDA
13:21 NOVATURAS AB: Preliminary February results of Novaturas: a strong finish of the year provides a solid foundation for sustainable growth
13/03/23 08:08 NOVATURAS AB: Changes in the team of Novaturas: focus on data-driven organisation, financial management and technological progress
27/02/23 09:11  brak uprawnień Novaturas miał w 2022 r. 0,2 mln euro straty netto
08:41 NOVATURAS AB: The 2022 results of Novaturas Group: challenge management, significant customer growth and double revenues
22/02/23 15:52 NOVATURAS AB: "Novaturas" will hold an Investor Conference Webinar to introduce the financial results for year of 2022
21/02/23 15:40 NOVATURAS AB: Novaturas CEO: solid sales at tourism fairs are a strong foundation for a successful summer season
15/02/23 08:09 NOVATURAS AB: Novaturas announces preliminary results for January: favourable travel planning behaviour and steadily growing income
13/02/23 08:55 NOVATURAS AB: After record growth last year, Novaturas is recognised by Nasdaq for excellence in overcoming challenges
02/02/23 18:00 NOVATURAS AB: AB "Novaturas" financial calendar for the year 2023
13/01/23 16:19 NOVATURAS AB: Preliminary December results of Novaturas: the number of passengers in long haul desitnations doubled
30/12/22 08:12 NOVATURAS AB: Novaturas offers all employees a stock option programme
15/12/22 17:54 NOVATURAS AB: Novaturas announces preliminary results for November: a well-planned start to the winter season
21/11/22 07:52 NOVATURAS AB: Novaturas team welcomes Rasa Barisien, the new Sales Director
17/11/22 09:05  brak uprawnień Novaturas liczy na znaczącą poprawę rentowności brutto w drugim półroczu