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2023.05.29, godz. 10:02


26/05/23 12:24 NOVATURAS AB: CORRECTION: For The voting ballot for the draft decision on issue 7 of the agenda of the ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of joint stock company "Novaturas" to be held on 6 June 2023.
25/05/23 12:00 NOVATURAS AB: Novaturas will introduce financial results for the first quarter of 2023.
24/05/23 08:26 NOVATURAS AB: UPDATE: Regarding specification of draft decision of the ordinary General Meeting of shareholders of joint stock company "Novaturas" on issue 7 of the agenda.
15/05/23 17:07 NOVATURAS AB: Regarding convocation of the general meeting of shareholders of Public limited liability company "Novaturas"
17:04 NOVATURAS AB: AB Novaturas annual information for the year 2022
17:00 NOVATURAS AB: Preliminary April results of Novaturas: sustainable implementation of the annual programme, increased early bookings for winter
09/05/23 08:38 NOVATURAS AB: Novaturas announces a full early booking sales programme for the winter season: at least 15% more places and new destinations
28/04/23 15:15 NOVATURAS AB: Regarding publication date of SC Novaturas audited annual financial statement as well as other information as foresight by Law on Securities
20/04/23 08:36 NOVATURAS AB: Novaturas Group growth strategy: business expansion through technologies, sustainability and attention to clients _ employees
14/04/23 07:42 NOVATURAS AB: Preliminary March results of Novaturas: a solid first quarter and increased travel offering volumes
12/04/23 07:28 NOVATURAS AB: Novaturas increases its offering volumes to Montenegro and Tunisia - interest in these destinations grows
06/04/23 16:36 NOVATURAS AB: CORRECTION: AB "Novaturas" financial calendar for the year 2023
05/04/23 13:23 NOVATURAS AB: AB Novaturas will present Company's strategy
04/04/23 07:44 NOVATURAS AB: Novaturas launches early booking sales to key destinations for the next winter
15/03/23 13:32  brak uprawnień Novaturas spodziewa się w '23 osiągnąć 210-225 mln euro przychodów oraz 3-5 mln euro EBITDA