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2023.10.01, godz. 07:33


25/09/23 08:46 NOVATURAS AB: Notification of a person/group on the disposal of voting rights
21/09/23 08:28 NOVATURAS AB: AB Novaturas has acquired own shares
18/09/23 12:26 NOVATURAS AB: Novaturas to buy back and distribute almost 76,000 of its shares to employees for EUR 0.25 million
15/09/23 08:00 NOVATURAS AB: Preliminary August results for Novaturas: confident continuation of the summer season, strong pre-sales positions
13/09/23 15:43 NOVATURAS AB: Novaturas Group purchases own shares in order to grant them to the employees
07:53 NOVATURAS AB: Novaturas presents a full programme for the next summer: up to 15 per cent growth, new destinations
12/09/23 12:05 NOVATURAS AB: Concerning legal proceedings against UAB GetJet Airlines concerning a charter contract
31/08/23 09:33  brak uprawnień Novaturas miał w I półroczu '23 4,7 mln euro zysku netto
09:01 NOVATURAS AB: AB Novaturas has presented results for first half year of 2023 to investors
29/08/23 08:43 NOVATURAS AB: Novaturas Group's H1 EBITDA hits EUR 5.8M, exceeding the result for 2019
22/08/23 09:49 NOVATURAS AB: Novaturas will introduce half year results for 2023
14/08/23 08:10 NOVATURAS AB: Preliminary July results for Novaturas: 75% completion of the full-year programme and a growing interest in exotic destinations
14/07/23 07:58 NOVATURAS AB: Preliminary June results of Novaturas: strong positions in summer destinations of competitive advantage, growing winter sales
22/06/23 06:09 NOVATURAS AB: New Chairman of the Board of Novaturas Group elected
15/06/23 05:36 NOVATURAS AB: Preliminary May results of Novaturas: strategically thought-out programme, responsiveness to customer needs