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2020.06.06, godz. 06:06


18/05/20 18:36 MILESTONE MEDICAL: The Update on the Commercial Rollout of CompuFlo? CathCheck? System in the First Quarter of 2020
15/05/20 18:40  brak uprawnień MILESTONE MEDICAL INC. (3/2020) Consolidated quarterly report for first quarter 2020
13/05/20 20:34 MILESTONE MEDICAL: Publication of Study Validating Efficacy of CompuFlo CathCheck System to Confirm and Monitor the Placement of an Epidural Catheter
21/04/20 16:03 MILESTONE MEDICAL: Validation and Integration of CathCheck? Feature into the CompuFlo? Epidural System
17/04/20 16:59 MILESTONE MEDICAL: Announcement of Successful Economic Study Comparing Total Costs of CompuFlo? Epidural System Versus Traditional Epidural Loss of Resistance Technique
15/04/20 21:20 MILESTONE MEDICAL: Validation and Implementation of Quick Start to the CompuFlo Epidural System
14/04/20 20:37 MILESTONE MEDICAL: Closing of above market $4.7 million offering of common stock and warrants by Milestone Scientic Inc., the majority shareholder of the Issuer
09/04/20 17:00 MILESTONE MEDICAL: Milestone Scientic, the Licensor of Milestone Medical Inc. Announces Pricing of Above Market $4.5 Million Public Offering of Common Stock and Warrants
20/03/20 19:40  brak uprawnień MILESTONE MEDICAL INC. (2/2020) Consolidated Annual Report for year ended December 31, 2019
15:47 MILESTONE MEDICAL: The Impact of the COVID-19 Outbreak on Commercial Rollout of CompuFlo? Epidural System and Financial Results in 2020
25/02/20 16:24 MILESTONE MEDICAL: The Update on The Partnership with RedOne Medical
18/02/20 16:38 MILESTONE MEDICAL: Receiving CE Mark approval of pre-assembled disposable kit for CompuFlo? Epidural System in Europe
12/02/20 15:05 MILESTONE MEDICAL: Receiving a Notice of Allowance for European Patent Related to Peripheral Nerve Block Instrument
05/02/20 15:35 MILESTONE MEDICAL: Abstract acceptance of CompuFlo Epidural Instrument integrated with CompuWave for presentation at the Euroanaesthesia 2020 Congress
28/01/20 14:53 MILESTONE MEDICAL: The receipt of five year follow-up report by expert and consultant in Peripheral Nerve Block (PNB) Regional Anesthesia; provides validation and confidence to advance CompuFlo in PNB market