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2019.11.13, godz. 12:38


12/11/19 14:08 EUROHOLD BULGARIA AD: Eurohold will continue to pursue its strategy for expansion in the energy sector in SEE
30/10/19 18:55 EUROHOLD BULGARIA AD: Interim Management Report and Financial Statements, 30-09-2019
24/10/19 17:19 EUROHOLD BULGARIA AD: Eurohold accepts the decision of Bulgaria's competition authority as a positive assessment for the financial strength of the holding
15/10/19 14:12 EUROHOLD BULGARIA AD: Eurohold filed additional documents with the CPC related with the in-depth probe into the deal with CEZ
09/10/19 20:31 EUROHOLD BULGARIA AD: Eurohold will manage the assets of CEZ responsibly and invest in innovations in favor of the consumers
03/10/19 13:35  brak uprawnień Urząd antymonopolowy otworzył postępowanie ws. przejęcia przez Eurohold aktywów CEZ w Bułgarii
13:14 EUROHOLD BULGARIA AD: Bulgaria's antitrust body opened proceedings concerning Eurohold 's planned acquisition of CEZ Group's subsidiaries in Bulgaria
25/09/19 16:36 EUROHOLD BULGARIA AD: Notification pursuant to Article 19, paragraph 3 of the Regulation (EU) ?596 / 2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 April 2014
13/08/19 08:10 EUROHOLD BULGARIA AD: Interim Consolidated Management Report and Financial Statements, 30.06.2019
08:05 EUROHOLD BULGARIA AD: Eurohold grows sharply revenue and improves profitability in H1 2019 (News release)
30/07/19 21:10 EUROHOLD BULGARIA AD: Interim Management Report and Financial Statements, 30-06-2019
19/07/19 13:42 EUROHOLD BULGARIA AD: The energy advisory board called by Eurohold started its activity officially (News release)
01/07/19 16:25  brak uprawnień Eurohold Bulgaria wypłaci 2,47 mln BGN dywidendy
15:20 EUROHOLD BULGARIA AD: Minutes from the regular General Meeting of Shareholders of Eurohold Bulgaria AD, 30.06.2019