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2020.01.27, godz. 01:42


15/01/20 19:06 COAL ENERGY S.A.: December FY2020 production update
24/12/19 17:23 COAL ENERGY S.A.: Sale of asset
20/12/19 18:20 COAL ENERGY S.A.: November FY2020 production update
17/12/19 18:35 COAL ENERGY S.A.: Shareholders holding at least 5% of votes at the Annual General Meeting
18:30 COAL ENERGY S.A.: Resolutions adopted by the Annual General Meeting
29/11/19 19:50 COAL ENERGY S.A.: Unaudited interim consolidated financial report for 1Q FY2020
28/11/19 21:29 COAL ENERGY S.A.: Notification of shareholding
15/11/19 17:53 COAL ENERGY S.A.: October FY2020 production update
14/11/19 18:15 COAL ENERGY S.A.: Notice to the Shareholders of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Coal Energy S.A.
12/11/19 19:20 COAL ENERGY S.A.: Postponing of the Annual General meeting
19:15 COAL ENERGY S.A.: Unaudited non-consolidated annual financial report for FY2019
19:05 COAL ENERGY S.A.: Unaudited consolidated annual financial report for FY2019
04/11/19 19:55  brak uprawnień GPW: zawieszenie obrotu na Głównym Rynku GPW akcjami spółki COAL ENERGY SA
17:28  brak uprawnień GPW zawiesza obrót akcjami spółki Coal Energy
28/10/19 19:20 COAL ENERGY S.A.: Business restructuring and postponement of Financial Reports publication dates