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2024.02.28, godz. 01:27


21/02/24 11:51 NOVATURAS AB: Novaturas will introduce 2023 four quarters results (unaudited)
15/02/24 06:45 NOVATURAS AB: Preliminary January results of Novaturas: efficiency improvement, active participation in tourism fairs
17/01/24 07:05 NOVATURAS AB: AB "Novaturas" investor calendar for the year 2024
15/01/24 06:11 NOVATURAS AB: Preliminary December results of Novaturas: new airline partners in Estonia, focus on sustainability
21/12/23 10:55 NOVATURAS AB: Novaturas introduced more sustainable hotel options for travellers
15/12/23 06:01 NOVATURAS AB: Preliminary November results of Novaturas: customer growth, rising early bookings
14/12/23 17:29 NOVATURAS AB: Exercise of Employee Options
12/12/23 16:29 NOVATURAS AB: Kristijonas Kaikaris will head Novaturas Group
11/12/23 19:03 NOVATURAS AB: Novaturas Group announces the long-term partnership with Heston Airlines in Estonia
28/11/23 16:19 NOVATURAS AB: Novaturas presented 2023 three quarters results
05:48 NOVATURAS AB: 9-month results of Novaturas: EBITDA reached EUR 7.9 mln., revenue grew by 7.4%
22/11/23 04:27 NOVATURAS AB: Novaturas will introduce 2023 three quarters results
15/11/23 04:03 NOVATURAS AB: Preliminary October results for Novaturas: prompt response to changes in demand, customer trust
13/10/23 15:19 NOVATURAS AB: Concerning legal proceedings against UAB GetJet Airlines regarding a charter contract
07:02 NOVATURAS AB: Preliminary September results for Novaturas: solid start to next summer's sales, decision to repurchase a part of own shares